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Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Plate
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12 Aug 2019
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Specification of

Aluminum Plate

We sell and provide a wide range of Aluminum materials: ALUMINUM SHEET/PLATE aluminum, ALUMINUM ALUMINUM ROLL, BORDES and aluminum ORANGE PEEL

Type Type/series aluminium are available:

AA AA – 1100 3003 – AA AA 5083 5052 – – AA 8011

With the thickness

0.2 mm s/d 6.0 mm for AA 1100

2.0 mm s/d 30 mm for AA 5052

5.0 mm s/d 25 mm for AA 5083

Standard Size:

1 x 2 mater 1200 x 2400 mm and 1220 x 2440mm



Aluminum plate material sheet metal is a lightweight and powerful and easy in workmanship and care aluminum plate, it is suitable to use in the tropics because it has properties that are resistant to all weather and non-flammable, aluminum plate have durability against rust and better compared to iron, Plate Aluminim is also a material that exudes sleek aesthetic perspective , easy form and in working on,and because its easy to customize forms with local circumstances, the aluminum plate has become a popular choice as a much-needed material in many fields of industry as well as its cheaper price compared to stainless steel.


Aluminum plate much in use in various kinds of industry, here are some of the areas the company associated with the use of aluminum plate

Industrial tools – kitchen appliance
The Company Carrosserie
Company Kontru

Aluminium Plat

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